Years in Mets History Edit

Year League Record Post Season Finish Manager Stadium
1962National Lg40-120 (.250)10Casey StengelPolo Grounds
1963National Lg51-111 (.315)10Casey StengelPolo Grounds
1964National Lg53-109 (.327)10Casey StengelShea Stadium
1965National Lg50-112 (.309)10Casey Stengel and Wes WestrumShea Stadium
1966National Lg66-95 (.410)9Wes WestrumShea Stadium
1967National Lg61-101 (.377)10Wes Westrum and Salty ParkerShea Stadium
1968National Lg73-89 (.451)9Gil HodgesShea Stadium
1969NL East100-62 (.617)WS1Gil HodgesShea Stadium
1970NL East83-79 (.512)3Gil HodgesShea Stadium
1971NL East83-79 (.512)3Gil HodgesShea Stadium
1972NL East83-73 (.532)3Yogi BerraShea Stadium
1973NL East82-79 (.509)NL1Yogi BerraShea Stadium
1974NL East71-91 (.438)5Yogi BerraShea Stadium
1975NL East82-80 (.506)3Yogi Berra and Roy McMillanShea Stadium
1976NL East86-76 (.531)3Joe FrazierShea Stadium
1977NL East64-98 (.395)6Joe Frazier and Joe TorreShea Stadium
1978NL East66-96 (.407)6Joe TorreShea Stadium
1979NL East63-99 (.389)6Joe TorreShea Stadium
1980NL East67-95 (.414)5Joe TorreShea Stadium
1981NL East41-62 (.398)Joe TorreShea Stadium
1982NL East65-97 (.401)6George BambergerShea Stadium
1983NL East68-94 (.420)6George Bamberger and Frank HowardShea Stadium
1984NL East90-72 (.556)2Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1985NL East98-64 (.605)2Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1986NL East108-54 (.667)WS1Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1987NL East92-70 (.568)2Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1988NL East100-60 (.625)DIV1Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1989NL East87-75 (.537)2Davey JohnsonShea Stadium
1990NL East91-71 (.562)2Davey Johnson and Bud HarrelsonShea Stadium
1991NL East77-84 (.478)5Bud Harrelson and Mike CubbageShea Stadium
1992NL East72-90 (.444)5Jeff TorborgShea Stadium
1993NL East59-103 (.364)7Jeff Torborg and Dallas GreenShea Stadium
1994NL East55-58 (.487)3Dallas GreenShea Stadium
1995NL East69-75 (.479)2Dallas GreenShea Stadium
1996NL East71-91 (.438)4Dallas Green and Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
1997NL East88-74 (.543)3Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
1998NL East88-74 (.543)2Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
1999NL East97-66 (.595)WC2Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
2000NL East94-68 (.580)NL2Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
2001NL East82-80 (.506)3Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
2002NL East75-86 (.466)5Bobby ValentineShea Stadium
2003NL East66-95 (.410)5Art HoweShea Stadium
2004NL East71-91 (.438)4Art HoweShea Stadium
2005NL East83-79 (.512)3Willie RandolphShea Stadium
2006NL East97-65 (.599)DIV1Willie RandolphShea Stadium
2007NL East88-74 (.543)2Willie RandolphShea Stadium
2008NL East89-73 (.509)2Willie Randolph and Jerry ManuelShea Stadium
2009NL East70-92 (.432) 4Jerry ManuelCiti Field
2010NL East77-85 (.475) 4Jerry ManuelCiti Field
2011NL East77-85 (.475) 3Terry CollinsCiti Field

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