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Below is an alphabetical list of every player that has played for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball since the franchise's inception in 1962. Included are the seasons in which they played for the Mets and their primary position(s).

<span id="A"/>Aase, DonDon Aase1989RP
Abbott, KurtKurt Abbott2000SS, 2B
Acevedo, JuanJuan Acevedo1997RP
Adkins, JonJon Adkins2007RP
Agbayani, BennyBenny Agbayani1998-2001OF
Agee, TommieTommie Agee1968-1972OF
Aguilera, RickRick Aguilera1985-1989P
Aker, JackJack Aker1974RP
Alexander, MannyManny Alexander19972B, SS
Alfonzo, EdgardoEdgardo Alfonzo1995-20022B, 3B
Allen, NeilNeil Allen1979-1983RP
Allensworth, JermaineJermaine Allensworth1998-1999OF
Almon, BillBill Almon1980, 1987SS, 2B
Almonte, EdwinEdwin Almonte2003RP
Alomar, RobertoRoberto Alomar2002-20032B
Alomar, Sandy Jr.Sandy Alomar, Jr.2007-presentC
Alomar, Sandy Sr.Sandy Alomar, Sr.1967SS
Alou, JesúsJesús Alou1975OF
Alou, MoisésMoisés Alou2007-presentOF
Altman, GeorgeGeorge Altman1964OF
Alvarado, LuisLuis Alvarado19772B
Ambres, ChipChip Ambres2007OF
Anderson, CraigCraig Anderson1962-1964P
Anderson, JasonJason Anderson2003RP
Anderson, MarlonMarlon Anderson2005, 2007-presentOF, 1B, 2B
Anderson, RickRick Anderson1986P
Apodaca, BobBob Apodaca1973-1977RP
Appier, KevinKevin Appier2001SP
Arrigo, GerryGerry Arrigo1966P
Ashburn, RichieRichie Ashburn1962OF
Ashford, TuckerTucker Ashford19833B, 2B
Aspromonte, BobBob Aspromonte19713B
Astacio, PedroPedro Astacio2002-2003SP
Ayala, BennyBenny Ayala1974, 1976OF
Aybar, MannyManny Aybar2005RP
<span id="B"/>Backman, WallyWally Backman1980-19882B
Bacsik, MikeMike Bacsik2002-2003SP
Baerga, CarlosCarlos Baerga1996-19982B
Baez, KevinKevin Baez1990, 1992-1993SS
Bailor, BobBob Bailor1981-1983SS, 2B
Baldwin, BillyBilly Baldwin1976OF
Baldwin, JamesJames Baldwin2004SP
Baldwin, RickRick Baldwin1975-1977RP
Bannister, BrianBrian Bannister2006SP
Barnes, LuteLute Barnes1972-19732B
Barry, JeffJeff Barry1995OF
Bass, KevinKevin Bass1992OF
Bauta, EdEd Bauta1963-1964RP
Beane, BillyBilly Beane1984-1985OF
Bearnarth, LarryLarry Bearnarth1963-1966RP
Beatty, BlaineBlaine Beatty1989, 1991RP
Beauchamp, JimJim Beauchamp1972-19731B
Becker, RichRich Becker1998OF
Bell, DerekDerek Bell2000RF
Bell, GusGus Bell1962OF
Bell, HeathHeath Bell2004-2006RP
Bell, JayJay Bell2003IF
Beltrán, CarlosCarlos Beltrán2005-presentCF
Beltran, RigoRigo Beltran1998-1999RP
Benítez, ArmandoArmando Benítez1999-2003RP
Bennett, DennisDennis Bennett1967SP
Bennett, GaryGary Bennett2001PH
Benson, KrisKris Benson2004-2005SP
Benton, ButchButch Benton1978, 1980C
Berenguer, JuanJuan Berenguer1978-1980P
Berenyi, BruceBruce Berenyi1984-1986SP
Bernard, DwightDwight Bernard1978-1979RP
Berra, YogiYogi Berra1965C
Bethke, JimJim Bethke1965RP
Bieser, SteveSteve Bieser1997OF
Birkbeck, MikeMike Birkbeck1992, 1995SP
Bishop, MikeMike Bishop1983C
Blair, WillieWillie Blair1998RP
Blocker, TerryTerry Blocker1985OF
Bochy, BruceBruce Bochy1982C
Bogar, TimTim Bogar1993-1996IF
Bohanon, BrianBrian Bohanon1997-1998P
Boisclair, BruceBruce Boisclair1974, 1976-1979OF
Boitano, DanDan Boitano1981RP
Bomback, MarkMark Bomback1980SP
Bonilla, BobbyBobby Bonilla1992-1995, 1999OF, 3B
Bordick, MikeMike Bordick2000SS
Borland, TobyToby Borland1997RP
Bosch, DonDon Bosch1967-1968OF
Boston, DarylDaryl Boston1990-1992OF
Boswell, KenKen Boswell1967-19742B
Bottalico, RickyRicky Bottalico2004RP
Bouchee, EdEd Bouchee19621B
Bowa, LarryLarry Bowa1985SS, 2B
Boyer, KenKen Boyer1966-19673B
Bradford, ChadChad Bradford2006RP
Bradley, MarkMark Bradley1983OF
Bragg, DarrenDarren Bragg2001OF
Brazell, CraigCraig Brazell20041B
Bressoud, EddieEddie Bressoud1966SS, 3B
Brogna, RicoRico Brogna1994-19961B
Brooks, HubieHubie Brooks1980-1984, 19913B, OF
Bross, TerryTerry Bross1991RP
Brown, Kevin D.Kevin D. Brown1990RP
Brown, LeonLeon Brown1976OF
Bruhert, MikeMike Bruhert1978SP
Buchanan, BrianBrian Buchanan20041B
Buchek, JerryJerry Buchek1967-19682B, 3B
Buford, DamonDamon Buford1995OF
Burgos, AmbiorixAmbiorix Burgos2007-presentRP
Burke, TimTim Burke1991-1992RP
Burnitz, JeromyJeromy Burnitz1993-1994, 2002-2003OF
Burright, LarryLarry Burright1963-1964SS, 2B
Burris, RayRay Burris1979-1980SP
Butler, BrettBrett Butler1995OF
Byrd, PaulPaul Byrd1995-1996RP
<span id="C"/>Cairo, MiguelMiguel Cairo20052B
Cameron, MikeMike Cameron2004-2005OF
Cammack, EricEric Cammack2000RP
Candelaria, JohnJohn Candelaria1987SP
Cangelosi, JohnJohn Cangelosi1994OF
Cannizzaro, ChrisChris Cannizzaro1962-1965C
Capra, BuzzBuzz Capra1971-1973RP
Cardenal, JoséJosé Cardenal1979-1980OF, 1B
Cardwell, DonDon Cardwell1967-1970SP
Carmel, DukeDuke Carmel1963OF, 1B
Carr, ChuckChuck Carr1990-1991OF
Carreon, MarkMark Carreon1987-1991OF
Carter, GaryGary Carter1985-1989C
Casanova, RaulRaul Casanova2008-presentC
Castillo, AlbertoAlberto Castillo1995-1998C
Castillo, Juan F.Juan F. Castillo1994SP
Castillo, LuisLuis Castillo2007-present2B
Castillo, TonyTony Castillo1991RP
Castro, RamónRamón Castro2005-presentC
Cedeño, RogerRoger Cedeño1999, 2002-2003OF
Cerda, JaimeJaime Cerda2002-2003RP
Cerone, RickRick Cerone1991C
Chacón, ElioElio Chacón1962SS
Chance, DeanDean Chance1970RP
Chapman, KelvinKelvin Chapman1979, 1984-19852B
Charles, EdEd Charles1967-19693B
Chávez, EndyEndy Chávez2006-presentOF
Chen, BruceBruce Chen2001-2002SP
Chiles, RichRich Chiles1973OF
Chiti, HarryHarry Chiti1962C
Christensen, JohnJohn Christensen1984-1985OF
Christensen, McKayMcKay Christensen2002OF
Christopher, JoeJoe Christopher1962-1965OF
Church, RyanRyan Church2008-presentOF
Cisco, GalenGalen Cisco1962-1965P
Clark, BradyBrady Clark2002, 2008-presentOF
Clark, Mark WilliamMark William Clark1996-1997SP
Clark, TonyTony Clark20031B
Clendenon, DonnDonn Clendenon1969-19711B
Clines, GeneGene Clines1975OF
Clontz, BradBrad Clontz1998RP
Coleman, Choo ChooChoo Choo Coleman1962-1963, 1966C
Coleman, VinceVince Coleman1991-1993OF
Collazo, WillieWillie Collazo2007RP
Collins, KevinKevin Collins1965, 1967-19693B
Cone, DavidDavid Cone1987-1992, 2003SP
Conine, JeffJeff Conine2007OF
Connors, BillBill Connors1967-1968RP
Cook, CliffCliff Cook1962-1963OF, 3B
Cook, DennisDennis Cook1998-2001RP
Corcoran, TimTim Corcoran19861B
Corey, MarkMark Corey2001-2002RP
Cornejo, MardieMardie Cornejo1978RP
Cornelius, ReidReid Cornelius1995SP
Cowan, BillyBilly Cowan1965OF
Craig, RogerRoger Craig1962-1963SP
Cram, JerryJerry Cram1974-1975RP
Crawford, JoeJoe Crawford1997RP
Cubbage, MikeMike Cubbage19813B
<span id="D"/>D'Amico, JeffJeff D'Amico2002SP
Darensbourg, VicVic Darensbourg2004RP
Darling, RonRon Darling1983-1991SP
Daubach, BrianBrian Daubach20051B
Daviault, RayRay Daviault1962RP
Davis, KaneKane Davis2002RP
Davis, TommyTommy Davis1967OF
DeJean, MikeMike DeJean2004-2005RP
Delgado, CarlosCarlos Delgado2006-present1B
Delgado, WilsonWilson Delgado2004SS
DeMerit, JohnJohn DeMerit1962OF
Denehy, BillBill Denehy1967P
DePastino, JoeJoe DePastino2003C
Dewey, MarkMark Dewey1992RP
Diaz, CarlosCarlos Diaz1982-1983RP
Diaz, MarioMario Diaz1990SS
Díaz, VíctorVíctor Díaz2004-2006RF
DiFelice, MikeMike DiFelice2005-2007C
DiLauro, JackJack DiLauro1969RP
Dillon, SteveSteve Dillon1963-1964RP
Dipoto, JerryJerry Dipoto1995-1996RP
Donnels, ChrisChris Donnels1991-19923B, 1B, 2B
Dotel, OctavioOctavio Dotel1999SP
Dozier, D.J.D.J. Dozier1992OF
Drake, SammySammy Drake19622B, 3B
Draper, MikeMike Draper1993RP
Duncan, JeffJeff Duncan2003-2004CF
Dunston, ShawonShawon Dunston1999OF
Dwyer, JimJim Dwyer1976OF
Dyer, DuffyDuffy Dyer1968-1974C
Dykstra, LennyLenny Dykstra1985-1989OF
<span id="E"/>Easley, DamionDamion Easley2007-present2B/OF
Edens, TomTom Edens1987SP
Eilers, DaveDave Eilers1965-1966RP
Elliot, LarryLarry Elliot1964, 1966OF
Ellis, DockDock Ellis1979SP
Elster, KevinKevin Elster1986-1992SS
Erickson, ScottScott Erickson2004SP
Escobar, AlexAlex Escobar2001OF
Espinosa, NinoNino Espinosa1974-1978SP
Espinoza, ÁlvaroÁlvaro Espinoza19963B
Estes, ShawnShawn Estes2002SP
Estrada, ChuckChuck Estrada1967RP
Estrada, FrankFrank Estrada1971C
Everett, CarlCarl Everett1995-1997OF
<span id="F"/>Fábregas, JorgeJorge Fábregas1998C
Falcone, PetePete Falcone1979-1982P
Feliciano, PedroPedro Feliciano2002-2004, 2006-presentRP
Fernandez, H. "Chico"H. "Chico" Fernandez1963SS
Fernandez, SidSid Fernandez1984-1993SP
Fernández, TonyTony Fernández1993SS
Ferrer, SergioSergio Ferrer1978-1979SS, 3B
Figueroa, NelsonNelson Figueroa2008-presentSP
Filer, TomTom Filer1992RP
Fisher, JackJack Fisher1964-1967SP
Fitzgerald, MikeMike Fitzgerald1983-1984C
Fitzmaurice, ShaunShaun Fitzmaurice1966OF
Florence, DonDon Florence1995RP
Flores, GilGil Flores1978-1979OF
Floyd, CliffCliff Floyd2003-2006LF
Flynn, DougDoug Flynn1977-19812B, SS
Foli, TimTim Foli1970-1971, 1978-1979SS, 2B, 3B
Folkers, RichRich Folkers1970RP
Fordyce, BrookBrook Fordyce1995PH
Fortunato, BartoloméBartolomé Fortunato2004, 2006RP
Foss, LarryLarry Foss1962RP
Foster, GeorgeGeorge Foster1982-1986OF
Foster, LeoLeo Foster1976-1977IF
Foy, JoeJoe Foy19703B
Franco, JohnJohn Franco1990-2001, 2003-2004RP
Franco, JulioJulio Franco2006-20071B
Franco, MattMatt Franco1996-20003B, 1B, LF
Fregosi, JimJim Fregosi1972-19733B
Friend, BobBob Friend1966P
Frisella, DannyDanny Frisella1967-1972RP
Fyhrie, MikeMike Fyhrie1996RP
<span id="G"/>Gaff, BrentBrent Gaff1982-1984RP
Gallagher, BobBob Gallagher1975OF
Gallagher, DaveDave Gallagher1992-1993OF
Garcia, DannyDanny Garcia2003-20042B
García, KarimKarim García2004RF
Gardenhire, RonRon Gardenhire1981-1985SS
Gardner, JeffJeff Gardner1991SS, 2B
Gardner, RobRob Gardner1965-1966P
Gardner, WesWes Gardner1984-1985RP
Garrett, WayneWayne Garrett1969-19763B, 2B
Gaspar, RodRod Gaspar1969-1970OF
Gentry, GaryGary Gentry1969-1972SP
Gibbons, JohnJohn Gibbons1984, 1986C
Gibson, Bob L.Bob L. Gibson1987RP
Gibson, PaulPaul Gibson1992-1993RP
Gilbert, ShawnShawn Gilbert1997-1998IF
Giles, Brian J.Brian J. Giles1981-19832B
Gilkey, BernardBernard Gilkey1996-1998LF
Ginsberg, JoeJoe Ginsberg1962C
Ginter, MattMatt Ginter2004SP
Glavine, MikeMike Glavine20031B
Glavine, TomTom Glavine2003-2007SP
Glynn, EdEd Glynn1979-1980RP
Gomez, CarlosCarlos Gomez2007OF
Gonder, JesseJesse Gonder1963-1965C
Gonzalez, DickyDicky Gonzalez2001P
González, GeremiGeremi González2006SP
Gonzalez, RaulRaul Gonzalez2002-2003OF
Gooden, DwightDwight Gooden1984-1994SP
Goossen, GregGreg Goossen1965-1968C, 1B
Gorman, TomTom Gorman1982-1985RP
Gosger, JimJim Gosger1969, 1973-1974OF
Gotay, RubénRubén Gotay20072B
Gozzo, MauroMauro Gozzo1993-1994RP
Graham, BillBill Graham1967P
Graham, WayneWayne Graham19643B
Graves, DannyDanny Graves2005RP
Green, DallasDallas Green1966RP
Green, ShawnShawn Green2006-2007OF
Green, PumpsiePumpsie Green19633B
Greene, CharlieCharlie Greene1996C
Greer, KennyKenny Greer1993RP
Grieve, TomTom Grieve1978OF
Griffiths, JeremyJeremy Griffiths2003P
Grote, JerryJerry Grote1966-1977C
Grzenda, JoeJoe Grzenda1967RP
Guetterman, LeeLee Guetterman1992RP
Gunderson, EricEric Gunderson1994-1995RP
Guthrie, MarkMark Guthrie2002RP
Gutiérrez, RickyRicky Gutiérrez20042B
<span id="H"/>Hahn, DonDon Hahn1971-1974OF
Hall, TomTom Hall1975-1976RP
Halter, ShaneShane Halter1999OF, SS
Hamilton, DarrylDarryl Hamilton1999-2001OF
Hamilton, JackJack Hamilton1966-1967RP
Hampton, IkeIke Hampton1974C
Hampton, MikeMike Hampton2000SP
Hamulack, TimTim Hamulack2005RP
Haney, ToddTodd Haney1998LF, 2B
Hardtke, JasonJason Hardtke1996-19972B
Hare, ShawnShawn Hare1994OF
Harkness, TimTim Harkness1963-19641B
Harnisch, PetePete Harnisch1995-1997SP
Harrelson, BudBud Harrelson1965-1977SS
Harris, Greg A.Greg A. Harris1981SP
Harris, LennyLenny Harris1998, 2000-2001OF, 3B
Harts, GregGreg Harts1973PH
Hassler, AndyAndy Hassler1979P
Hausman, TomTom Hausman1978-1982P
Hearn, EdEd Hearn1986C
Hebner, RichieRichie Hebner19793B
Heep, DannyDanny Heep1983-1986OF
Heidemann, JackJack Heidemann1975-1976SS
Heilman, AaronAaron Heilman2003-presentP
Heise, BobBob Heise1967-19692B, SS
Henderson, KenKen Henderson1978OF
Henderson, RickeyRickey Henderson1999-2000LF
Henderson, SteveSteve Henderson1977-1980OF
Hendley, BobBob Hendley1967SP
Hennigan, PhilPhil Hennigan1973RP
Henry, DougDoug Henry1995-1996RP
Hepler, BillBill Hepler1966RP
Herbel, RonRon Herbel1970RP
Heredia, FélixFélix Heredia2005RP
Hernández, AndersonAnderson Hernández2005-present2B, SS
Hernandez, KeithKeith Hernandez1983-19891B
Hernandez, MannyManny Hernandez1989RP
Hernández, OrlandoOrlando Hernández2006-presentSP
Hernández, RobertoRoberto Hernández2005, 2006RP
Herr, TomTom Herr1990-19912B
Herrscher, RickRick Herrscher1962IF
Hershiser, OrelOrel Hershiser1999SP
Hickman, JimJim Hickman1962-1966OF, 3B, 1B
Hicks, JoeJoe Hicks1963OF
Hidalgo, RichardRichard Hidalgo2004RF
Hietpas, JoeJoe Hietpas2004C
Hiller, ChuckChuck Hiller1965-19672B
Hillman, DaveDave Hillman1962RP
Hillman, EricEric Hillman1992-1994SP
Hinchliffe, BrettBrett Hinchliffe2001SP
Hinsley, JerryJerry Hinsley1964, 1967RP
Hodges, GilGil Hodges1962-19631B
Hodges, RonRon Hodges1973-1984C
Holman, ScottScott Holman1980, 1982-1983P
Hook, JayJay Hook1962-1964P
Housie, WayneWayne Housie1993OF
Howard, MikeMike Howard1981-1983OF
Howell, PatPat Howell1992OF
Hudek, JohnJohn Hudek1998RP
Hudson, JesseJesse Hudson1969RP
Hughes, KeithKeith Hughes1990OF
Humber, PhilipPhilip Humber2006-2007RP
Hundley, ToddTodd Hundley1990-1998C
Hunt, RonRon Hunt1963-19662B
Hunter, WillardWillard Hunter1962, 1964RP
Hurdle, ClintClint Hurdle1983, 1985, 1987C, OF, 3B
Hurst, JonathanJonathan Hurst1994RP
Huskey, ButchButch Huskey1993, 1995-1998OF, 1B, 3B
<span id="I"/>Innis, JeffJeff Innis1987-1993RP
Ishii, KazuhisaKazuhisa Ishii2005SP
Isringhausen, JasonJason Isringhausen1995-1997, 1999SP
<span id="J"/>Jackson, AlAl Jackson1962-1965, 1968-1969SP
Jackson, DarrinDarrin Jackson1993OF
Jackson, Roy LeeRoy Lee Jackson1977-1980P
Jacobs, MikeMike Jacobs20051B
Jacome, JasonJason Jacome1994-1995SP
Jefferies, GreggGregg Jefferies1987-19912B, 3B
Jefferson, StanleyStanley Jefferson1986OF
Jelic, ChrisChris Jelic1990OF
Johnson, BenBen Johnson2007-presentOF
Johnson, Bob D.Bob D. Johnson1969RP
Johnson, Bob W.Bob W. Johnson1967IF
Johnson, HowardHoward Johnson1985-19933B, SS, OF
Johnson, LanceLance Johnson1996-1997CF
Johnson, Mark P.Mark P. Johnson2000-20021B, OF
Jones, BarryBarry Jones1992RP
Jones, Bobby J.Bobby J. Jones1993-2000SP
Jones, Bobby M.Bobby M. Jones2000, 2002RP
Jones, Chris C.Chris C. Jones1995-1996OF
Jones, CleonCleon Jones1963, 1965-1975OF
Jones, RandyRandy Jones1981-1982SP
Jones, RossRoss Jones1984SS
Jones, ShermanSherman Jones1962P
Jordan, RicardoRicardo Jordan1997RP
Jorgensen, MikeMike Jorgensen1968, 1970-1971, 1980-19831B, OF
Julio, JorgeJorge Julio2006RP
<span id="K"/>Kaiser, JeffJeff Kaiser1993RP
Kanehl, RodRod Kanehl1962-19642B, OF, 3B
Kashiwada, TakashiTakashi Kashiwada1997RP
Kent, JeffJeff Kent1992-19962B, 3B
Keppinger, JeffJeff Keppinger20042B
Kingman, DaveDave Kingman1975-1977, 1981-19831B, OF
Kinkade, MikeMike Kinkade1998-2000OF
Kirby, WayneWayne Kirby1998OF
Klaus, BobbyBobby Klaus1964-1965IF
Kleven, JayJay Kleven1976C
Klimchock, LouLou Klimchock1966PH
Knight, RayRay Knight1984-19863B
Kobel, KevinKevin Kobel1978-1980P
Kolb, GaryGary Kolb1965OF
Komiyama, SatoruSatoru Komiyama2002RP
Koo, Dae-SungDae-Sung Koo2005RP
Koonce, CalCal Koonce1967-1970RP
Koosman, JerryJerry Koosman1967-1978SP
Kranepool, EdEd Kranepool1962-19791B, OF
Kroll, GaryGary Kroll1964-1965P
<span id="L"/>Labine, ClemClem Labine1962RP
Lamabe, JackJack Lamabe1967RP
Lamb, DavidDavid Lamb2000IF
Landrith, HobieHobie Landrith1962C
Landrum, CedCed Landrum1993OF
Lary, FrankFrank Lary1964-1965P
Latham, BillBill Latham1985P
Lawrence, BrianBrian Lawrence2007SP
Lawton, MattMatt Lawton2001RF
Leach, TerryTerry Leach1981-1982, 1985-1989RP
Leary, TimTim Leary1981, 1983-1984P
Ledee, RickyRicky Ledee2006-2007OF
Ledesma, AaronAaron Ledesma19953B
Leiter, AlAl Leiter1998-2004SP
Lewis, JohnnyJohnny Lewis1965-1967OF
Liddell, DaveDave Liddell1990C
Lidle, CoryCory Lidle1997RP
Lima, JoséJosé Lima2006SP
Lindeman, JimJim Lindeman1994OF
Linton, DougDoug Linton1994RP
Linz, PhilPhil Linz1967-19782B
Little, MarkMark Little2002RF
Lloyd, GraemeGraeme Lloyd2003RP
Locke, RonRon Locke1964RP
Lockwood, SkipSkip Lockwood1975-1979RP
Lo Duca, PaulPaul Lo Duca2006-2007C
Lolich, MickeyMickey Lolich1976SP
Lombardi, PhilPhil Lombardi1989C
Lomon, KevinKevin Lomon1995RP
Long, TerrenceTerrence Long1999PH
Looper, BradenBraden Looper2004-2005RP
Lopez, Luis M.Luis M. Lopez1997-1999SS, 2B, 3B
Luplow, AlAl Luplow1966-1967OF
Lynch, EdEd Lynch1980-1986SP
Lyons, BarryBarry Lyons1986-1990C
<span id="M"/>MacDonald, BobBob MacDonald1996RP
Machado, JulioJulio Machado1989-1990RP
Mackenzie, KenKen Mackenzie1962-1963RP
Maddox, ElliottElliott Maddox1978-19803B, OF
Maddux, MikeMike Maddux1993-1994RP
Magadan, DaveDave Magadan1986-19921B, 3B
Mahomes, PatPat Mahomes1999-2000RP
Maine, JohnJohn Maine2006-presentSP
Mangual, PepePepe Mangual1976-1977OF
Mankowski, PhilPhil Mankowski1980, 19823B
Mann, JimJim Mann2000RP
Mantilla, FélixFélix Mantilla19623B, SS
Manuel, BarryBarry Manuel1997RP
Manzanillo, JosiasJosias Manzanillo1993-1995, 1999RP
Marrero, EliEli Marrero2006OF
Marshall, DaveDave Marshall1970-1972OF
Marshall, JimJim Marshall19621B
Marshall, Mike A.Mike A. Marshall19901B
Marshall, Mike G.Mike G. Marshall1981RP
Martin, J.C.J.C. Martin1968-1969C, 1B
Martin, JerryJerry Martin1984OF
Martin, TomTom Martin2001RP
Martínez, Pedro A.Pedro A. Martínez1996RP
Martínez, PedroPedro Martínez2005-presentSP
Martinez, TedTed Martinez1970-1974SS, 2B, OF
Mason, RogerRoger Mason1994RP
Matlack, JonJon Matlack1971-1977SP
Matsui, KazuoKazuo Matsui2004-2006SS, 2B
Matthews Gary, Jr.Gary Matthews, Jr.2002PH
Matthews, MikeMike Matthews2005RP
May, JerryJerry May1973C
Mayne, BrentBrent Mayne1996C
Mays, WillieWillie Mays1972-1973OF, 1B
Mazzilli, LeeLee Mazzilli1976-1981, 1986-1989OF, 1B
McAndrew, JimJim McAndrew1968-1973P
McClure, BobBob McClure1988RP
McCray, RodneyRodney McCray1992OF
McDaniel, TerryTerry McDaniel1991OF
McDowell, RogerRoger McDowell1985-1989RP
McElroy, ChuckChuck McElroy1999RP
McEwing, JoeJoe McEwing2000-2004OF, IF
McGraw, TugTug McGraw1965-1967, 1969-1974RP
McGuire, RyanRyan McGuire2000RF
McKnight, JeffJeff McKnight1989, 1992-1994IF
McMichael, GregGreg McMichael1997-1999RP
McMillan, RoyRoy McMillan1964-1966SS
McRae, BrianBrian McRae1997-1999CF
McReynolds, KevinKevin McReynolds1987-1991, 1994OF
Medich, DocDoc Medich1977SP
Mendoza, CarlosCarlos Mendoza1997OF
Mercado, OrlandoOrlando Mercado1990C
Metzger, ButchButch Metzger1978RP
Middlebrook, JasonJason Middlebrook2002-2003P
Mientkiewicz, DougDoug Mientkiewicz20051B
Millan, FelixFelix Millan1973-19772B
Milledge, LastingsLastings Milledge2006-2007OF
Miller, Bob G.Bob G. Miller1962RP
Miller, Bob L.Bob L. Miller1962, 1973-1974P
Miller, DyarDyar Miller1980-1981RP
Miller, Keith A.Keith A. Miller1987-19912B, OF
Miller, LarryLarry Miller1965-1966RP
Milliard, RalphRalph Milliard19982B
Milligan, RandyRandy Milligan1987PH
Milner, JohnJohn Milner1971-19771B, OF
Minor, BlasBlas Minor1995-1996RP
Mitchell, John K.John K. Mitchell1986-1989SP
Mitchell, KevinKevin Mitchell1984, 1986OF, SS, 3B
Mizell, Wilmer DavidWilmer David Mizell1962RP
Mlicki, DaveDave Mlicki1995-1998P
Moford, HerbHerb Moford1962RP
Molina, GustavoGustavo Molina2008-presentC
Montañez, WillieWillie Montañez1978-19791B
Moock, JoeJoe Moock19673B
Moore, TommyTommy Moore1972-1973P
Moorhead, BobBob Moorhead1962, 1965RP
Mora, MelvinMelvin Mora1999-2000OF, SS
Morales, JerryJerry Morales1980OF
Moran, AlAl Moran1963-1964SS
Moreno, JoseJose Moreno19803B, 2B
Moreno, OrberOrber Moreno2003-2004RP
Morgan, KevinKevin Morgan19973B
Mota, GuillermoGuillermo Mota2006-2007RP
Muniz, CarlosCarlos Muniz2007-presentRP
Murphy, BillyBilly Murphy1966OF
Murray, DaleDale Murray1978-1979RP
Murray, DanDan Murray1999RP
Murray, EddieEddie Murray1992-19931B
Musgraves, DennisDennis Musgraves1965RP
Musselman, JeffJeff Musselman1989-1990RP
Myers, RandyRandy Myers1985-1989RP
Myrick, BobBob Myrick1976-1978RP
<span id="N"/>Nady, XavierXavier Nady2006RF
Napoleon, DannyDanny Napoleon1965-1966OF, 3B
Navarro, TitoTito Navarro1993SS
Neal, CharlieCharlie Neal1962-19632B, 3B, SS
Newhan, DavidDavid Newhan2007OF
Niemann, RandyRandy Niemann1985-1986RP
Nitkowski, C.J.C.J. Nitkowski2001RP
Noboa, JuniorJunior Noboa19922B
Nolan, JoeJoe Nolan1972C
Nomo, HideoHideo Nomo1998SP
Norman, DanDan Norman1977-1980OF
Núñez, EdwinEdwin Núñez1988RP
Nunnally, JonJon Nunnally2000OF
<span id="O"/>O'Brien, CharlieCharlie O'Brien1990-1993C
Ochoa, AlexAlex Ochoa1995-1997RF
Offerman, JoséJosé Offerman20051B
Ojeda, BobBob Ojeda1986-1990SP
Olerud, JohnJohn Olerud1997-19991B
Oliver, DarrenDarren Oliver2006RP
O'Malley, TomTom O'Malley1989-19903B
Oquendo, JoséJosé Oquendo1983-1984SS
Ordóñez, ReyRey Ordóñez1996-2002SS
Orosco, JesseJesse Orosco1979, 1981-1987RP
Orsulak, JoeJoe Orsulak1993-1995OF
Ortiz, JuniorJunior Ortiz1983-1984C
Ostrosser, BrianBrian Ostrosser1973SS
Otero, RickyRicky Otero1995OF
Otis, AmosAmos Otis1967, 1969OF
Owens, HenryHenry Owens2006RP
Ownbey, RickRick Ownbey1982-1983P
<span id="P"/>Pacella, JohnJohn Pacella1977, 1979-1980P
Paciorek, TomTom Paciorek1985OF
Padilla, JuanJuan Padilla2005-presentRP
Pagán, AngelAngel Pagán2008OF
Paquette, CraigCraig Paquette19983B
Park, Chan-hoChan-ho Park2007SP
Parker, HarryHarry Parker1973-1975P
Parker, RickRick Parker1994OF
Parra, JoseJose Parra2004RP
Parsons, TomTom Parsons1964-1965P
Payton, JayJay Payton1998-2002CF
Pecota, BillBill Pecota1992IF
Pedrique, AlAl Pedrique1987SS
Pelfrey, MikeMike Pelfrey2006-presentSP
Pemberton, BrockBrock Pemberton1974-19751B
Peña, AlejandroAlejandro Peña1990-1991RP
Pérez, OliverOliver Pérez2006-presentSP
Pérez, TimoTimo Pérez2000-2003OF
Perez, YorkisYorkis Perez1997RP
Person, RobertRobert Person1995-1996P
Petagine, RobertoRoberto Petagine1996-19971B
Pfeil, BobbyBobby Pfeil19693B, 2B
Phillips, Jason L.Jason L. Phillips2001-2004C, 1B
Phillips, MikeMike Phillips1975-1977SS
Phillips, TonyTony Phillips1998OF
Piazza, MikeMike Piazza1998-2005C
Piersall, JimmyJimmy Piersall1963OF
Pignatano, JoeJoe Pignatano1962C
Powell, GroverGrover Powell1963RP
Pratt, ToddTodd Pratt1997-2001C
Puig, RichRich Puig19742B
Puleo, CharlieCharlie Puleo1981-1982P
Pulsipher, BillBill Pulsipher1995, 1998, 2000P
<span id="R"/>Rajsich, GaryGary Rajsich1982-1983OF, 1B
Ramirez, MarioMario Ramirez1980IF
Randle, LenLen Randle1977-19783B
Randolph, WillieWillie Randolph19922B
Rauch, BobBob Rauch1972RP
Reardon, JeffJeff Reardon1979-1981RP
Redman, PrenticePrentice Redman2003OF
Reed, DarrenDarren Reed1990OF
Reed, RickRick Reed1997-2001SP
Reed, SteveSteve Reed2002RP
Relaford, DesiDesi Relaford20012B, SS, 3B
Remlinger, MikeMike Remlinger1994-1995P
Reniff, HalHal Reniff1967RP
Reyes, JoséJosé Reyes2003-presentSS
Reynolds, RonnRonn Reynolds1982-1983, 1985C
Reynolds, TommieTommie Reynolds1967OF
Reynoso, ArmandoArmando Reynoso1997-1998SP
Ribant, DennisDennis Ribant1964-1966P
Richardson, GordieGordie Richardson1965-1966RP
Riggan, JerrodJerrod Riggan2000-2001RP
Ring, RoyceRoyce Ring2005-2006RP
Rivera, Luis A.Luis A. Rivera1994SS, 2B
Roach, JasonJason Roach2003SP
Roberson, KevinKevin Roberson1996RF
Roberts, Dave A.Dave A. Roberts1981P
Roberts, GrantGrant Roberts2000-2004RP
Rodriguez, RichRich Rodriguez2000RP
Rogers, KennyKenny Rogers1999SP
Rohr, LesLes Rohr1967-1969P
Rojas, MelMel Rojas1997-1998RP
Rosado, LuisLuis Rosado1977, 19801B
Rose, BrianBrian Rose2001RP
Rose, DonDon Rose1971RP
Rowe, DonDon Rowe1963RP
Rusch, GlendonGlendon Rusch1999-2001SP
Rusteck, DickDick Rusteck1966P
Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan1966, 1968-1971P
<span id="S"/>Saberhagen, BretBret Saberhagen1992-1995SP
Sadecki, RayRay Sadecki1970-1974, 1977P
Sambito, JoeJoe Sambito1985RP
Samuel, AmadoAmado Samuel1964SS, 3B
Samuel, JuanJuan Samuel1989OF
Sánchez, DuanerDuaner Sánchez2006, 2008-presentRP
Sánchez, ReyRey Sánchez2003SS
Sanders, KenKen Sanders1975-1976RP
Santana, JohanJohan Santana2008-presentSP
Santana, RafaelRafael Santana1984-1987SS
Santiago, JoséJosé Santiago2005RP
Sasser, MackeyMackey Sasser1988-1992C
Saunders, DougDoug Saunders19932B
Sauveur, RichRich Sauveur1991RP
Scarce, MacMac Scarce1975RP
Schaffer, JimmieJimmie Schaffer1965C
Schatzeder, DanDan Schatzeder1990RP
Schiraldi, CalvinCalvin Schiraldi1984-1985P
Schmelz, AlAl Schmelz1967RP
Schneck, DaveDave Schneck1972-1974OF
Schneider, BrianBrian Schneider2008-presentC
Schoeneweis, ScottScott Schoeneweis2007-presentRP
Schofield, DickDick Schofield1992SS
Schourek, PetePete Schourek1991-1993P
Schreiber, TedTed Schreiber19633B, SS
Schulze, DonDon Schulze1987SP
Scott, MikeMike Scott1979-1982P
Scutaro, MarcoMarco Scutaro2002-20032B
Searage, RayRay Searage1981RP
Seaver, TomTom Seaver1967-1977, 1983SP
Segui, DavidDavid Segui1994-19951B, OF
Sele, AaronAaron Sele2007RP
Selma, DickDick Selma1965-1968P
Seminara, FrankFrank Seminara1994RP
Seo, Jae WeongJae Weong Seo2002-2005SP
Shamsky, ArtArt Shamsky1968-1971OF, 1B
Shaw, BobBob Shaw1966-1967P
Shaw, DonDon Shaw1967-1968RP
Sherry, NormNorm Sherry1963C
Shinjo, TsuyoshiTsuyoshi Shinjo2001, 2003OF
Shipley, CraigCraig Shipley1989SS, 3B
Shirley, BartBart Shirley19672B
Short, BillBill Short1968RP
Siebert, PaulPaul Siebert1977-1978SP
Simons, DougDoug Simons1991RP
Singleton, KenKen Singleton1970-1971OF
Sisk, DougDoug Sisk1982-1987RP
Smith, Bobby GeneBobby Gene Smith1962OF
Smith, Charley W.Charley W. Smith1964-19653B, SS
Smith, Dick A.Dick A. Smith1963-1964OF, 1B
Smith, JoeJoe Smith2007-presentRP
Smith, Pete J.Pete J. Smith1994SP
Snead, EsixEsix Snead2002, 2004OF
Snider, DukeDuke Snider1963OF
Soler, AlayAlay Soler2006SP
Sosa, JorgeJorge Sosa2007-presentSP
Spahn, WarrenWarren Spahn1965SP
Spehr, TimTim Spehr1998C
Spencer, ShaneShane Spencer2004OF
Spiers, BillBill Spiers19953B, 2B
Springer, DennisDennis Springer2000SP
Springer, SteveSteve Springer19922B, 3B
Stahl, LarryLarry Stahl1967-1968OF
Staiger, RoyRoy Staiger1975-19773B
Stallard, TracyTracy Stallard1963-1964SP
Stanton, LeroyLeroy Stanton1970-1971OF
Stanton, MikeMike Stanton2003-2004RP
Staub, RustyRusty Staub1972-1975, 1981-1985OF, 1B
Stearns, JohnJohn Stearns1975-1984C
Stephenson, JohnJohn Stephenson1964-1966C
Sterling, RandyRandy Sterling1974P
Stinnett, KellyKelly Stinnett1994-1995, 2006C
Stone, GeorgeGeorge Stone1973-1975SP
Strange, PatPat Strange2002-2003RP
Strawberry, DarrylDarryl Strawberry1983-1990OF
Strickland, ScottScott Strickland2002-2003RP
Strohmayer, JohnJohn Strohmayer1973-1974RP
Strom, BrentBrent Strom1972P
Stuart, DickDick Stuart19661B
Sturdivant, TomTom Sturdivant1964RP
Sudakis, BillBill Sudakis19721B, C
Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan1967C
Sutherland, DarrellDarrell Sutherland1964-1966RP
Swan, CraigCraig Swan1973-1984SP
Sweet, RickRick Sweet1982PH
Swoboda, RonRon Swoboda1965-1970OF
<span id="T"/>Tabler, PatPat Tabler1990OF
Takatsu, ShingoShingo Takatsu2005RP
Tam, JeffJeff Tam1998-1999RP
Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana1993SP
Tapani, KevinKevin Tapani1989RP
Tarasco, TonyTony Tarasco2002OF, 1B
Tate, RandyRandy Tate1975SP
Tatis, FernandoFernando Tatis2008-presentPH
Tatum, JimJim Tatum19981B
Taveras, FrankFrank Taveras1979-1981SS
Taylor, Billy H.Billy H. Taylor1999RP
Taylor, ChuckChuck Taylor1972RP
Taylor, HawkHawk Taylor1964-1967C
Taylor, RonRon Taylor1967-1971RP
Taylor, SammySammy Taylor1962-1963C
Telgheder, DaveDave Telgheder1993-1995P
Templeton, GarryGarry Templeton1991SS, 1B
Terrell, WaltWalt Terrell1982-1984SP
Terry, RalphRalph Terry1966-1967RP
Teufel, TimTim Teufel1986-19912B, 1B
Theodore, GeorgeGeorge Theodore1973-1974OF, 1B
Thomas, Frank J.Frank J. Thomas1962-1964OF, 1B
Thompson, RyanRyan Thompson1992-1995OF
Thomson, JohnJohn Thomson2002SP
Thornton, LouLou Thornton1989-1990OF
Throneberry, MarvMarv Throneberry1962-19631B
Thurman, GaryGary Thurman1997OF
Tidrow, DickDick Tidrow1984RP
Tillman, RustyRusty Tillman1982OF
Toca, JorgeJorge Toca1999-20011B, LF
Todd, JacksonJackson Todd1977P
Tomberlin, AndyAndy Tomberlin1996-1997OF
Torre, JoeJoe Torre1975-19771B, 3B
Torrez, MikeMike Torrez1983-1984SP
Torve, KelvinKelvin Torve1990-19911B
Trachsel, SteveSteve Trachsel2001-2006SP
Trammell, BubbaBubba Trammell2000OF
Treviño, AlexAlex Treviño1978-1981C, 3B
Trlicek, RickyRicky Trlicek1996-1997RP
Tucker, MichaelMichael Tucker2006OF
Twitchell, WayneWayne Twitchell1979RP
Tyner, JasonJason Tyner2000OF
<span id="U"/>Urdaneta, LinoLino Urdaneta2007-presentRP
Unser, DelDel Unser1975-1976OF
<span id="V"/>Vail, MikeMike Vail1975-1977OF
Valent, EricEric Valent2004-2005OF, 1B
Valentin, JohnJohn Valentin2002IF
Valentín, JoséJosé Valentín2006-present2B
Valentine, BobbyBobby Valentine1977-1978IF
Valentine, EllisEllis Valentine1981-1982OF
Valera, JulioJulio Valera1990-1991P
Vargas, ClaudioClaudio Vargas2008-presentSP
Vargas, JasonJason Vargas2007-presentSP
Vaughn, MoMo Vaughn2002-20031B
Velandia, JorgeJorge Velandia2000-2001, 2003SS, 2B
Ventura, RobinRobin Ventura1999-20013B
Veryzer, TomTom Veryzer19822B, SS
Viña, FernandoFernando Viña1994IF
Viola, FrankFrank Viola1989-1991SP
Vitko, JoeJoe Vitko1992P
Vizcaíno, JoséJosé Vizcaíno1994-1996SS, 2B
<span id="W"/>Wagner, BillyBilly Wagner2006-presentRP
Wakefield, BillBill Wakefield1964RP
Walker, ChicoChico Walker1992-19933B, 2B, OF
Walker, PetePete Walker1995, 2001-2002RP
Walker, TylerTyler Walker2002RP
Wall, DonneDonne Wall2001RP
Wallace, DerekDerek Wallace1996RP
Walter, GeneGene Walter1987-1988RP
Washington, ClaudellClaudell Washington1980OF
Watson, AllenAllen Watson1999P
Watson, MattMatt Watson2003LF
Weathers, DavidDavid Weathers2002-2004RP
Webb, HankHank Webb1972-1976P
Weis, AlAl Weis1968-1971SS, 2B
Wendell, TurkTurk Wendell1997-2001RP
West, DavidDavid West1988-1989P
Weston, MickeyMickey Weston1993RP
Wheeler, DanDan Wheeler2003-2004RP
White, RickRick White2000-2001RP
Whitehurst, WallyWally Whitehurst1989-1992P
Wigginton, TyTy Wigginton2002-20043B
Wilkins, RickRick Wilkins1998C
Willey, CarlCarl Willey1963-1965P
Willhite, NickNick Willhite1967P
Williams, CharlieCharlie Williams1971P
Williams, DaveDave Williams2006-presentSP
Williams, GeraldGerald Williams2004-2005OF
Wilson, MookieMookie Wilson1980-1989OF
Wilson, PaulPaul Wilson1996SP
Wilson, PrestonPreston Wilson1998OF
Wilson, TomTom Wilson2004C
Wilson, VanceVance Wilson1999-2004C
Winningham, HermHerm Winningham1984OF
Wise, MattMatt Wise2008-presentRP
Woodling, GeneGene Woodling1962OF
Woodward, ChrisChris Woodward2005-20061B-OF
Wright, DavidDavid Wright2004-present3B
Wynne, BillyBilly Wynne1967RP
<span id="Y"/>Yates, TylerTyler Yates2004P
Yoshii, MasatoMasato Yoshii1998-1999SP
Young, AnthonyAnthony Young1991-1993P
Youngblood, JoelJoel Youngblood1977-1982OF, 2B
<span id="Z"/>Zachry, PatPat Zachry1977-1982SP
Zambrano, VíctorVíctor Zambrano2004-2006SP
Zeile, ToddTodd Zeile2000-2001, 20041B
Zimmer, DonDon Zimmer19623B

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