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Below is an alphabetical list of every player that has played for the [[New York Mets]] of [[Major League Baseball]] since the franchise's inception in [[1962]]. Included are the seasons in which they played for the Mets and their primary position(s).
Below is an alphabetical list of every player that has played for the [[New York Mets]] of [[Major League Baseball]] since the franchise's inception in {{by|1962}}. Included are the seasons in which they played for the Mets and their primary position(s).
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{| class="wikitable sortable" cellpadding=2 cellspacing=2
|{{sortname|Don|Aase}}||1989||[[Relief pitcher|RP]]
|<span id="A"/>{{sortname|Don|Aase}}||1989||[[Relief pitcher|RP]]
|{{sortname|Kurt|Abbott}}||2000||[[Shortstop|SS]], [[Second baseman|2B]]
|{{sortname|Kurt|Abbott}}||2000||[[Shortstop|SS]], [[Second baseman|2B]]

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Below is an alphabetical list of every player that has played for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball since the franchise's inception in Template:By. Included are the seasons in which they played for the Mets and their primary position(s).

<span id="A"/>Aase, DonDon Aase1989RP
Abbott, KurtKurt Abbott2000SS, 2B
Acevedo, JuanJuan Acevedo1997RP
Adkins, JonJon Adkins2007RP
Agbayani, BennyBenny Agbayani1998-2001OF
Agee, TommieTommie Agee1968-1972OF
Aguilera, RickRick Aguilera1985-1989P
Aker, JackJack Aker1974RP
Alexander, MannyManny Alexander19972B, SS
Alfonzo, EdgardoEdgardo Alfonzo1995-20022B, 3B
Allen, NeilNeil Allen1979-1983RP
Allensworth, JermaineJermaine Allensworth1998-1999OF
Almon, BillBill Almon1980, 1987SS, 2B
Almonte, EdwinEdwin Almonte2003RP
Alomar, RobertoRoberto Alomar2002-20032B
Alomar, Sandy Jr.Sandy Alomar, Jr.2007-presentC
Alomar, Sandy Sr.Sandy Alomar, Sr.1967SS
Alou, JesúsJesús Alou1975OF
Alou, MoisésMoisés Alou2007-presentOF
Altman, GeorgeGeorge Altman1964OF
Alvarado, LuisLuis Alvarado19772B
Ambres, ChipChip Ambres2007OF
Anderson, CraigCraig Anderson1962-1964P
Anderson, JasonJason Anderson2003RP
Anderson, MarlonMarlon Anderson2005, 2007-presentOF, 1B, 2B
Anderson, RickRick Anderson1986P
Apodaca, BobBob Apodaca1973-1977RP
Appier, KevinKevin Appier2001SP
Arrigo, GerryGerry Arrigo1966P
Ashburn, RichieRichie Ashburn1962OF
Ashford, TuckerTucker Ashford19833B, 2B
Aspromonte, BobBob Aspromonte19713B
Astacio, PedroPedro Astacio2002-2003SP
Ayala, BennyBenny Ayala1974, 1976OF
Aybar, MannyManny Aybar2005RP
<span id="B"/>Backman, WallyWally Backman1980-19882B
Bacsik, MikeMike Bacsik2002-2003SP
Baerga, CarlosCarlos Baerga1996-19982B
Baez, KevinKevin Baez1990, 1992-1993SS
Bailor, BobBob Bailor1981-1983SS, 2B
Baldwin, BillyBilly Baldwin1976OF
Baldwin, JamesJames Baldwin2004SP
Baldwin, RickRick Baldwin1975-1977RP
Bannister, BrianBrian Bannister2006SP
Barnes, LuteLute Barnes1972-19732B
Barry, JeffJeff Barry1995OF
Bass, KevinKevin Bass1992OF
Bauta, EdEd Bauta1963-1964RP
Beane, BillyBilly Beane1984-1985OF
Bearnarth, LarryLarry Bearnarth1963-1966RP
Beatty, BlaineBlaine Beatty1989, 1991RP
Beauchamp, JimJim Beauchamp1972-19731B
Becker, RichRich Becker1998OF
Bell, DerekDerek Bell2000RF
Bell, GusGus Bell1962OF
Bell, HeathHeath Bell2004-2006RP
Bell, JayJay Bell2003IF
Beltrán, CarlosCarlos Beltrán2005-presentCF
Beltran, RigoRigo Beltran1998-1999RP
Benítez, ArmandoArmando Benítez1999-2003RP
Bennett, DennisDennis Bennett1967SP
Bennett, GaryGary Bennett2001PH
Benson, KrisKris Benson2004-2005SP
Benton, ButchButch Benton1978, 1980C
Berenguer, JuanJuan Berenguer1978-1980P
Berenyi, BruceBruce Berenyi1984-1986SP
Bernard, DwightDwight Bernard1978-1979RP
Berra, YogiYogi Berra1965C
Bethke, JimJim Bethke1965RP
Bieser, SteveSteve Bieser1997OF
Birkbeck, MikeMike Birkbeck1992, 1995SP
Bishop, MikeMike Bishop1983C
Blair, WillieWillie Blair1998RP
Blocker, TerryTerry Blocker1985OF
Bochy, BruceBruce Bochy1982C
Bogar, TimTim Bogar1993-1996IF
Bohanon, BrianBrian Bohanon1997-1998P
Boisclair, BruceBruce Boisclair1974, 1976-1979OF
Boitano, DanDan Boitano1981RP
Bomback, MarkMark Bomback1980SP
Bonilla, BobbyBobby Bonilla1992-1995, 1999OF, 3B
Bordick, MikeMike Bordick2000SS
Borland, TobyToby Borland1997RP
Bosch, DonDon Bosch1967-1968OF
Boston, DarylDaryl Boston1990-1992OF
Boswell, KenKen Boswell1967-19742B
Bottalico, RickyRicky Bottalico2004RP
Bouchee, EdEd Bouchee19621B
Bowa, LarryLarry Bowa1985SS, 2B
Boyer, KenKen Boyer1966-19673B
Bradford, ChadChad Bradford2006RP
Bradley, MarkMark Bradley1983OF
Bragg, DarrenDarren Bragg2001OF
Brazell, CraigCraig Brazell20041B
Bressoud, EddieEddie Bressoud1966SS, 3B
Brogna, RicoRico Brogna1994-19961B
Brooks, HubieHubie Brooks1980-1984, 19913B, OF
Bross, TerryTerry Bross1991RP
Brown, Kevin D.Kevin D. Brown1990RP
Brown, LeonLeon Brown1976OF
Bruhert, MikeMike Bruhert1978SP
Buchanan, BrianBrian Buchanan20041B
Buchek, JerryJerry Buchek1967-19682B, 3B
Buford, DamonDamon Buford1995OF
Burgos, AmbiorixAmbiorix Burgos2007-presentRP
Burke, TimTim Burke1991-1992RP
Burnitz, JeromyJeromy Burnitz1993-1994, 2002-2003OF
Burright, LarryLarry Burright1963-1964SS, 2B
Burris, RayRay Burris1979-1980SP
Butler, BrettBrett Butler1995OF
Byrd, PaulPaul Byrd1995-1996RP
<span id="C"/>Cairo, MiguelMiguel Cairo20052B
Cameron, MikeMike Cameron2004-2005OF
Cammack, EricEric Cammack2000RP
Candelaria, JohnJohn Candelaria1987SP
Cangelosi, JohnJohn Cangelosi1994OF
Cannizzaro, ChrisChris Cannizzaro1962-1965C
Capra, BuzzBuzz Capra1971-1973RP
Cardenal, JoséJosé Cardenal1979-1980OF, 1B
Cardwell, DonDon Cardwell1967-1970SP
Carmel, DukeDuke Carmel1963OF, 1B
Carr, ChuckChuck Carr1990-1991OF
Carreon, MarkMark Carreon1987-1991OF
Carter, GaryGary Carter1985-1989C
Casanova, RaulRaul Casanova2008-presentC
Castillo, AlbertoAlberto Castillo1995-1998C
Castillo, Juan F.Juan F. Castillo1994SP
Castillo, LuisLuis Castillo2007-present2B
Castillo, TonyTony Castillo1991RP
Castro, RamónRamón Castro2005-presentC
Cedeño, RogerRoger Cedeño1999, 2002-2003OF
Cerda, JaimeJaime Cerda2002-2003RP
Cerone, RickRick Cerone1991C
Chacón, ElioElio Chacón1962SS
Chance, DeanDean Chance1970RP
Chapman, KelvinKelvin Chapman1979, 1984-19852B
Charles, EdEd Charles1967-19693B
Chávez, EndyEndy Chávez2006-presentOF
Chen, BruceBruce Chen2001-2002SP
Chiles, RichRich Chiles1973OF
Chiti, HarryHarry Chiti1962C
Christensen, JohnJohn Christensen1984-1985OF
Christensen, McKayMcKay Christensen2002OF
Christopher, JoeJoe Christopher1962-1965OF
Church, RyanRyan Church2008-presentOF
Cisco, GalenGalen Cisco1962-1965P
Clark, BradyBrady Clark2002, 2008-presentOF
Clark, Mark WilliamMark William Clark1996-1997SP
Clark, TonyTony Clark20031B
Clendenon, DonnDonn Clendenon1969-19711B
Clines, GeneGene Clines1975OF
Clontz, BradBrad Clontz1998RP
Coleman, Choo ChooChoo Choo Coleman1962-1963, 1966C
Coleman, VinceVince Coleman1991-1993OF
Collazo, WillieWillie Collazo2007RP
Collins, KevinKevin Collins1965, 1967-19693B
Cone, DavidDavid Cone1987-1992, 2003SP
Conine, JeffJeff Conine2007OF
Connors, BillBill Connors1967-1968RP
Cook, CliffCliff Cook1962-1963OF, 3B
Cook, DennisDennis Cook1998-2001RP
Corcoran, TimTim Corcoran19861B
Corey, MarkMark Corey2001-2002RP
Cornejo, MardieMardie Cornejo1978RP
Cornelius, ReidReid Cornelius1995SP
Cowan, BillyBilly Cowan1965OF
Craig, RogerRoger Craig1962-1963SP
Cram, JerryJerry Cram1974-1975RP
Crawford, JoeJoe Crawford1997RP
Cubbage, MikeMike Cubbage19813B
<span id="D"/>D'Amico, JeffJeff D'Amico2002SP
Darensbourg, VicVic Darensbourg2004RP
Darling, RonRon Darling1983-1991SP
Daubach, BrianBrian Daubach20051B
Daviault, RayRay Daviault1962RP
Davis, KaneKane Davis2002RP
Davis, TommyTommy Davis1967OF
DeJean, MikeMike DeJean2004-2005RP
Delgado, CarlosCarlos Delgado2006-present1B
Delgado, WilsonWilson Delgado2004SS
DeMerit, JohnJohn DeMerit1962OF
Denehy, BillBill Denehy1967P
DePastino, JoeJoe DePastino2003C
Dewey, MarkMark Dewey1992RP
Diaz, CarlosCarlos Diaz1982-1983RP
Diaz, MarioMario Diaz1990SS
Díaz, VíctorVíctor Díaz2004-2006RF
DiFelice, MikeMike DiFelice2005-2007C
DiLauro, JackJack DiLauro1969RP
Dillon, SteveSteve Dillon1963-1964RP
Dipoto, JerryJerry Dipoto1995-1996RP
Donnels, ChrisChris Donnels1991-19923B, 1B, 2B
Dotel, OctavioOctavio Dotel1999SP
Dozier, D.J.D.J. Dozier1992OF
Drake, SammySammy Drake19622B, 3B
Draper, MikeMike Draper1993RP
Duncan, JeffJeff Duncan2003-2004CF
Dunston, ShawonShawon Dunston1999OF
Dwyer, JimJim Dwyer1976OF
Dyer, DuffyDuffy Dyer1968-1974C
Dykstra, LennyLenny Dykstra1985-1989OF
<span id="E"/>Easley, DamionDamion Easley2007-present2B/OF
Edens, TomTom Edens1987SP
Eilers, DaveDave Eilers1965-1966RP
Elliot, LarryLarry Elliot1964, 1966OF
Ellis, DockDock Ellis1979SP
Elster, KevinKevin Elster1986-1992SS
Erickson, ScottScott Erickson2004SP
Escobar, AlexAlex Escobar2001OF
Espinosa, NinoNino Espinosa1974-1978SP
Espinoza, ÁlvaroÁlvaro Espinoza19963B
Estes, ShawnShawn Estes2002SP
Estrada, ChuckChuck Estrada1967RP
Estrada, FrankFrank Estrada1971C
Everett, CarlCarl Everett1995-1997OF
<span id="F"/>Fábregas, JorgeJorge Fábregas1998C
Falcone, PetePete Falcone1979-1982P
Feliciano, PedroPedro Feliciano2002-2004, 2006-presentRP
Fernandez, H. "Chico"H. "Chico" Fernandez1963SS
Fernandez, SidSid Fernandez1984-1993SP
Fernández, TonyTony Fernández1993SS
Ferrer, SergioSergio Ferrer1978-1979SS, 3B
Figueroa, NelsonNelson Figueroa2008-presentSP
Filer, TomTom Filer1992RP
Fisher, JackJack Fisher1964-1967SP
Fitzgerald, MikeMike Fitzgerald1983-1984C
Fitzmaurice, ShaunShaun Fitzmaurice1966OF
Florence, DonDon Florence1995RP
Flores, GilGil Flores1978-1979OF
Floyd, CliffCliff Floyd2003-2006LF
Flynn, DougDoug Flynn1977-19812B, SS
Foli, TimTim Foli1970-1971, 1978-1979SS, 2B, 3B
Folkers, RichRich Folkers1970RP
Fordyce, BrookBrook Fordyce1995PH
Fortunato, BartoloméBartolomé Fortunato2004, 2006RP
Foss, LarryLarry Foss1962RP
Foster, GeorgeGeorge Foster1982-1986OF
Foster, LeoLeo Foster1976-1977IF
Foy, JoeJoe Foy19703B
Franco, JohnJohn Franco1990-2001, 2003-2004RP
Franco, JulioJulio Franco2006-20071B
Franco, MattMatt Franco1996-20003B, 1B, LF
Fregosi, JimJim Fregosi1972-19733B
Friend, BobBob Friend1966P
Frisella, DannyDanny Frisella1967-1972RP
Fyhrie, MikeMike Fyhrie1996RP
<span id="G"/>Gaff, BrentBrent Gaff1982-1984RP
Gallagher, BobBob Gallagher1975OF
Gallagher, DaveDave Gallagher1992-1993OF
Garcia, DannyDanny Garcia2003-20042B
García, KarimKarim García2004RF
Gardenhire, RonRon Gardenhire1981-1985SS
Gardner, JeffJeff Gardner1991SS, 2B
Gardner, RobRob Gardner1965-1966P
Gardner, WesWes Gardner1984-1985RP
Garrett, WayneWayne Garrett1969-19763B, 2B
Gaspar, RodRod Gaspar1969-1970OF
Gentry, GaryGary Gentry1969-1972SP
Gibbons, JohnJohn Gibbons1984, 1986C
Gibson, Bob L.Bob L. Gibson1987RP
Gibson, PaulPaul Gibson1992-1993RP
Gilbert, ShawnShawn Gilbert1997-1998IF
Giles, Brian J.Brian J. Giles1981-19832B
Gilkey, BernardBernard Gilkey1996-1998LF
Ginsberg, JoeJoe Ginsberg1962C
Ginter, MattMatt Ginter2004SP
Glavine, MikeMike Glavine20031B
Glavine, TomTom Glavine2003-2007SP
Glynn, EdEd Glynn1979-1980RP
Gomez, CarlosCarlos Gomez2007OF
Gonder, JesseJesse Gonder1963-1965C
Gonzalez, DickyDicky Gonzalez2001P
González, GeremiGeremi González2006SP
Gonzalez, RaulRaul Gonzalez2002-2003OF
Gooden, DwightDwight Gooden1984-1994SP
Goossen, GregGreg Goossen1965-1968C, 1B
Gorman, TomTom Gorman1982-1985RP
Gosger, JimJim Gosger1969, 1973-1974OF
Gotay, RubénRubén Gotay20072B
Gozzo, MauroMauro Gozzo1993-1994RP
Graham, BillBill Graham1967P
Graham, WayneWayne Graham19643B
Graves, DannyDanny Graves2005RP
Green, DallasDallas Green1966RP
Green, ShawnShawn Green2006-2007OF
Green, PumpsiePumpsie Green19633B
Greene, CharlieCharlie Greene1996C
Greer, KennyKenny Greer1993RP
Grieve, TomTom Grieve1978OF
Griffiths, JeremyJeremy Griffiths2003P
Grote, JerryJerry Grote1966-1977C
Grzenda, JoeJoe Grzenda1967RP
Guetterman, LeeLee Guetterman1992RP
Gunderson, EricEric Gunderson1994-1995RP
Guthrie, MarkMark Guthrie2002RP
Gutiérrez, RickyRicky Gutiérrez20042B
<span id="H"/>Hahn, DonDon Hahn1971-1974OF
Hall, TomTom Hall1975-1976RP
Halter, ShaneShane Halter1999OF, SS
Hamilton, DarrylDarryl Hamilton1999-2001OF
Hamilton, JackJack Hamilton1966-1967RP
Hampton, IkeIke Hampton1974C
Hampton, MikeMike Hampton2000SP
Hamulack, TimTim Hamulack2005RP
Haney, ToddTodd Haney1998LF, 2B
Hardtke, JasonJason Hardtke1996-19972B
Hare, ShawnShawn Hare1994OF
Harkness, TimTim Harkness1963-19641B
Harnisch, PetePete Harnisch1995-1997SP
Harrelson, BudBud Harrelson1965-1977SS
Harris, Greg A.Greg A. Harris1981SP
Harris, LennyLenny Harris1998, 2000-2001OF, 3B
Harts, GregGreg Harts1973PH
Hassler, AndyAndy Hassler1979P
Hausman, TomTom Hausman1978-1982P
Hearn, EdEd Hearn1986C
Hebner, RichieRichie Hebner19793B
Heep, DannyDanny Heep1983-1986OF
Heidemann, JackJack Heidemann1975-1976SS
Heilman, AaronAaron Heilman2003-presentP
Heise, BobBob Heise1967-19692B, SS
Henderson, KenKen Henderson1978OF
Henderson, RickeyRickey Henderson1999-2000LF
Henderson, SteveSteve Henderson1977-1980OF
Hendley, BobBob Hendley1967SP
Hennigan, PhilPhil Hennigan1973RP
Henry, DougDoug Henry1995-1996RP
Hepler, BillBill Hepler1966RP
Herbel, RonRon Herbel1970RP
Heredia, FélixFélix Heredia2005RP
Hernández, AndersonAnderson Hernández2005-present2B, SS
Hernandez, KeithKeith Hernandez1983-19891B
Hernandez, MannyManny Hernandez1989RP
Hernández, OrlandoOrlando Hernández2006-presentSP
Hernández, RobertoRoberto Hernández2005, 2006RP
Herr, TomTom Herr1990-19912B
Herrscher, RickRick Herrscher1962IF
Hershiser, OrelOrel Hershiser1999SP
Hickman, JimJim Hickman1962-1966OF, 3B, 1B
Hicks, JoeJoe Hicks1963OF
Hidalgo, RichardRichard Hidalgo2004RF
Hietpas, JoeJoe Hietpas2004C
Hiller, ChuckChuck Hiller1965-19672B
Hillman, DaveDave Hillman1962RP
Hillman, EricEric Hillman1992-1994SP
Hinchliffe, BrettBrett Hinchliffe2001SP
Hinsley, JerryJerry Hinsley1964, 1967RP
Hodges, GilGil Hodges1962-19631B
Hodges, RonRon Hodges1973-1984C
Holman, ScottScott Holman1980, 1982-1983P
Hook, JayJay Hook1962-1964P
Housie, WayneWayne Housie1993OF
Howard, MikeMike Howard1981-1983OF
Howell, PatPat Howell1992OF
Hudek, JohnJohn Hudek1998RP
Hudson, JesseJesse Hudson1969RP
Hughes, KeithKeith Hughes1990OF
Humber, PhilipPhilip Humber2006-2007RP
Hundley, ToddTodd Hundley1990-1998C
Hunt, RonRon Hunt1963-19662B
Hunter, WillardWillard Hunter1962, 1964RP
Hurdle, ClintClint Hurdle1983, 1985, 1987C, OF, 3B
Hurst, JonathanJonathan Hurst1994RP
Huskey, ButchButch Huskey1993, 1995-1998OF, 1B, 3B
<span id="I"/>Innis, JeffJeff Innis1987-1993RP
Ishii, KazuhisaKazuhisa Ishii2005SP
Isringhausen, JasonJason Isringhausen1995-1997, 1999SP
<span id="J"/>Jackson, AlAl Jackson1962-1965, 1968-1969SP
Jackson, DarrinDarrin Jackson1993OF
Jackson, Roy LeeRoy Lee Jackson1977-1980P
Jacobs, MikeMike Jacobs20051B
Jacome, JasonJason Jacome1994-1995SP
Jefferies, GreggGregg Jefferies1987-19912B, 3B
Jefferson, StanleyStanley Jefferson1986OF
Jelic, ChrisChris Jelic1990OF
Johnson, BenBen Johnson2007-presentOF
Johnson, Bob D.Bob D. Johnson1969RP
Johnson, Bob W.Bob W. Johnson1967IF
Johnson, HowardHoward Johnson1985-19933B, SS, OF
Johnson, LanceLance Johnson1996-1997CF
Johnson, Mark P.Mark P. Johnson2000-20021B, OF
Jones, BarryBarry Jones1992RP
Jones, Bobby J.Bobby J. Jones1993-2000SP
Jones, Bobby M.Bobby M. Jones2000, 2002RP
Jones, Chris C.Chris C. Jones1995-1996OF
Jones, CleonCleon Jones1963, 1965-1975OF
Jones, RandyRandy Jones1981-1982SP
Jones, RossRoss Jones1984SS
Jones, ShermanSherman Jones1962P
Jordan, RicardoRicardo Jordan1997RP
Jorgensen, MikeMike Jorgensen1968, 1970-1971, 1980-19831B, OF
Julio, JorgeJorge Julio2006RP
<span id="K"/>Kaiser, JeffJeff Kaiser1993RP
Kanehl, RodRod Kanehl1962-19642B, OF, 3B
Kashiwada, TakashiTakashi Kashiwada1997RP
Kent, JeffJeff Kent1992-19962B, 3B
Keppinger, JeffJeff Keppinger20042B
Kingman, DaveDave Kingman1975-1977, 1981-19831B, OF
Kinkade, MikeMike Kinkade1998-2000OF
Kirby, WayneWayne Kirby1998OF
Klaus, BobbyBobby Klaus1964-1965IF
Kleven, JayJay Kleven1976C
Klimchock, LouLou Klimchock1966PH
Knight, RayRay Knight1984-19863B
Kobel, KevinKevin Kobel1978-1980P
Kolb, GaryGary Kolb1965OF
Komiyama, SatoruSatoru Komiyama2002RP
Koo, Dae-SungDae-Sung Koo2005RP
Koonce, CalCal Koonce1967-1970RP
Koosman, JerryJerry Koosman1967-1978SP
Kranepool, EdEd Kranepool1962-19791B, OF
Kroll, GaryGary Kroll1964-1965P
<span id="L"/>Labine, ClemClem Labine1962RP
Lamabe, JackJack Lamabe1967RP
Lamb, DavidDavid Lamb2000IF
Landrith, HobieHobie Landrith1962C
Landrum, CedCed Landrum1993OF
Lary, FrankFrank Lary1964-1965P
Latham, BillBill Latham1985P
Lawrence, BrianBrian Lawrence2007SP
Lawton, MattMatt Lawton2001RF
Leach, TerryTerry Leach1981-1982, 1985-1989RP
Leary, TimTim Leary1981, 1983-1984P
Ledee, RickyRicky Ledee2006-2007OF
Ledesma, AaronAaron Ledesma19953B
Leiter, AlAl Leiter1998-2004SP
Lewis, JohnnyJohnny Lewis1965-1967OF
Liddell, DaveDave Liddell1990C
Lidle, CoryCory Lidle1997RP
Lima, JoséJosé Lima2006SP
Lindeman, JimJim Lindeman1994OF
Linton, DougDoug Linton1994RP
Linz, PhilPhil Linz1967-19782B
Little, MarkMark Little2002RF
Lloyd, GraemeGraeme Lloyd2003RP
Locke, RonRon Locke1964RP
Lockwood, SkipSkip Lockwood1975-1979RP
Lo Duca, PaulPaul Lo Duca2006-2007C
Lolich, MickeyMickey Lolich1976SP
Lombardi, PhilPhil Lombardi1989C
Lomon, KevinKevin Lomon1995RP
Long, TerrenceTerrence Long1999PH
Looper, BradenBraden Looper2004-2005RP
Lopez, Luis M.Luis M. Lopez1997-1999SS, 2B, 3B
Luplow, AlAl Luplow1966-1967OF
Lynch, EdEd Lynch1980-1986SP
Lyons, BarryBarry Lyons1986-1990C
<span id="M"/>MacDonald, BobBob MacDonald1996RP
Machado, JulioJulio Machado1989-1990RP
Mackenzie, KenKen Mackenzie1962-1963RP
Maddox, ElliottElliott Maddox1978-19803B, OF
Maddux, MikeMike Maddux1993-1994RP
Magadan, DaveDave Magadan1986-19921B, 3B
Mahomes, PatPat Mahomes1999-2000RP
Maine, JohnJohn Maine2006-presentSP
Mangual, PepePepe Mangual1976-1977OF
Mankowski, PhilPhil Mankowski1980, 19823B
Mann, JimJim Mann2000RP
Mantilla, FélixFélix Mantilla19623B, SS
Manuel, BarryBarry Manuel1997RP
Manzanillo, JosiasJosias Manzanillo1993-1995, 1999RP
Marrero, EliEli Marrero2006OF
Marshall, DaveDave Marshall1970-1972OF
Marshall, JimJim Marshall19621B
Marshall, Mike A.Mike A. Marshall19901B
Marshall, Mike G.Mike G. Marshall1981RP
Martin, J.C.J.C. Martin1968-1969C, 1B
Martin, JerryJerry Martin1984OF
Martin, TomTom Martin2001RP
Martínez, Pedro A.Pedro A. Martínez1996RP
Martínez, PedroPedro Martínez2005-presentSP
Martinez, TedTed Martinez1970-1974SS, 2B, OF
Mason, RogerRoger Mason1994RP
Matlack, JonJon Matlack1971-1977SP
Matsui, KazuoKazuo Matsui2004-2006SS, 2B
Matthews Gary, Jr.Gary Matthews, Jr.2002PH
Matthews, MikeMike Matthews2005RP
May, JerryJerry May1973C
Mayne, BrentBrent Mayne1996C
Mays, WillieWillie Mays1972-1973OF, 1B
Mazzilli, LeeLee Mazzilli1976-1981, 1986-1989OF, 1B
McAndrew, JimJim McAndrew1968-1973P
McClure, BobBob McClure1988RP
McCray, RodneyRodney McCray1992OF
McDaniel, TerryTerry McDaniel1991OF
McDowell, RogerRoger McDowell1985-1989RP
McElroy, ChuckChuck McElroy1999RP
McEwing, JoeJoe McEwing2000-2004OF, IF
McGraw, TugTug McGraw1965-1967, 1969-1974RP
McGuire, RyanRyan McGuire2000RF
McKnight, JeffJeff McKnight1989, 1992-1994IF
McMichael, GregGreg McMichael1997-1999RP
McMillan, RoyRoy McMillan1964-1966SS
McRae, BrianBrian McRae1997-1999CF
McReynolds, KevinKevin McReynolds1987-1991, 1994OF
Medich, DocDoc Medich1977SP
Mendoza, CarlosCarlos Mendoza1997OF
Mercado, OrlandoOrlando Mercado1990C
Metzger, ButchButch Metzger1978RP
Middlebrook, JasonJason Middlebrook2002-2003P
Mientkiewicz, DougDoug Mientkiewicz20051B
Millan, FelixFelix Millan1973-19772B
Milledge, LastingsLastings Milledge2006-2007OF
Miller, Bob G.Bob G. Miller1962RP
Miller, Bob L.Bob L. Miller1962, 1973-1974P
Miller, DyarDyar Miller1980-1981RP
Miller, Keith A.Keith A. Miller1987-19912B, OF
Miller, LarryLarry Miller1965-1966RP
Milliard, RalphRalph Milliard19982B
Milligan, RandyRandy Milligan1987PH
Milner, JohnJohn Milner1971-19771B, OF
Minor, BlasBlas Minor1995-1996RP
Mitchell, John K.John K. Mitchell1986-1989SP
Mitchell, KevinKevin Mitchell1984, 1986OF, SS, 3B
Mizell, Wilmer DavidWilmer David Mizell1962RP
Mlicki, DaveDave Mlicki1995-1998P
Moford, HerbHerb Moford1962RP
Molina, GustavoGustavo Molina2008-presentC
Montañez, WillieWillie Montañez1978-19791B
Moock, JoeJoe Moock19673B
Moore, TommyTommy Moore1972-1973P
Moorhead, BobBob Moorhead1962, 1965RP
Mora, MelvinMelvin Mora1999-2000OF, SS
Morales, JerryJerry Morales1980OF
Moran, AlAl Moran1963-1964SS
Moreno, JoseJose Moreno19803B, 2B
Moreno, OrberOrber Moreno2003-2004RP
Morgan, KevinKevin Morgan19973B
Mota, GuillermoGuillermo Mota2006-2007RP
Muniz, CarlosCarlos Muniz2007-presentRP
Murphy, BillyBilly Murphy1966OF
Murray, DaleDale Murray1978-1979RP
Murray, DanDan Murray1999RP
Murray, EddieEddie Murray1992-19931B
Musgraves, DennisDennis Musgraves1965RP
Musselman, JeffJeff Musselman1989-1990RP
Myers, RandyRandy Myers1985-1989RP
Myrick, BobBob Myrick1976-1978RP
<span id="N"/>Nady, XavierXavier Nady2006RF
Napoleon, DannyDanny Napoleon1965-1966OF, 3B
Navarro, TitoTito Navarro1993SS
Neal, CharlieCharlie Neal1962-19632B, 3B, SS
Newhan, DavidDavid Newhan2007OF
Niemann, RandyRandy Niemann1985-1986RP
Nitkowski, C.J.C.J. Nitkowski2001RP
Noboa, JuniorJunior Noboa19922B
Nolan, JoeJoe Nolan1972C
Nomo, HideoHideo Nomo1998SP
Norman, DanDan Norman1977-1980OF
Núñez, EdwinEdwin Núñez1988RP
Nunnally, JonJon Nunnally2000OF
<span id="O"/>O'Brien, CharlieCharlie O'Brien1990-1993C
Ochoa, AlexAlex Ochoa1995-1997RF
Offerman, JoséJosé Offerman20051B
Ojeda, BobBob Ojeda1986-1990SP
Olerud, JohnJohn Olerud1997-19991B
Oliver, DarrenDarren Oliver2006RP
O'Malley, TomTom O'Malley1989-19903B
Oquendo, JoséJosé Oquendo1983-1984SS
Ordóñez, ReyRey Ordóñez1996-2002SS
Orosco, JesseJesse Orosco1979, 1981-1987RP
Orsulak, JoeJoe Orsulak1993-1995OF
Ortiz, JuniorJunior Ortiz1983-1984C
Ostrosser, BrianBrian Ostrosser1973SS
Otero, RickyRicky Otero1995OF
Otis, AmosAmos Otis1967, 1969OF
Owens, HenryHenry Owens2006RP
Ownbey, RickRick Ownbey1982-1983P
<span id="P"/>Pacella, JohnJohn Pacella1977, 1979-1980P
Paciorek, TomTom Paciorek1985OF
Padilla, JuanJuan Padilla2005-presentRP
Pagán, AngelAngel Pagán2008OF
Paquette, CraigCraig Paquette19983B
Park, Chan-hoChan-ho Park2007SP
Parker, HarryHarry Parker1973-1975P
Parker, RickRick Parker1994OF
Parra, JoseJose Parra2004RP
Parsons, TomTom Parsons1964-1965P
Payton, JayJay Payton1998-2002CF
Pecota, BillBill Pecota1992IF
Pedrique, AlAl Pedrique1987SS
Pelfrey, MikeMike Pelfrey2006-presentSP
Pemberton, BrockBrock Pemberton1974-19751B
Peña, AlejandroAlejandro Peña1990-1991RP
Pérez, OliverOliver Pérez2006-presentSP
Pérez, TimoTimo Pérez2000-2003OF
Perez, YorkisYorkis Perez1997RP
Person, RobertRobert Person1995-1996P
Petagine, RobertoRoberto Petagine1996-19971B
Pfeil, BobbyBobby Pfeil19693B, 2B
Phillips, Jason L.Jason L. Phillips2001-2004C, 1B
Phillips, MikeMike Phillips1975-1977SS
Phillips, TonyTony Phillips1998OF
Piazza, MikeMike Piazza1998-2005C
Piersall, JimmyJimmy Piersall1963OF
Pignatano, JoeJoe Pignatano1962C
Powell, GroverGrover Powell1963RP
Pratt, ToddTodd Pratt1997-2001C
Puig, RichRich Puig19742B
Puleo, CharlieCharlie Puleo1981-1982P
Pulsipher, BillBill Pulsipher1995, 1998, 2000P
<span id="R"/>Rajsich, GaryGary Rajsich1982-1983OF, 1B
Ramirez, MarioMario Ramirez1980IF
Randle, LenLen Randle1977-19783B
Randolph, WillieWillie Randolph19922B
Rauch, BobBob Rauch1972RP
Reardon, JeffJeff Reardon1979-1981RP
Redman, PrenticePrentice Redman2003OF
Reed, DarrenDarren Reed1990OF
Reed, RickRick Reed1997-2001SP
Reed, SteveSteve Reed2002RP
Relaford, DesiDesi Relaford20012B, SS, 3B
Remlinger, MikeMike Remlinger1994-1995P
Reniff, HalHal Reniff1967RP
Reyes, JoséJosé Reyes2003-presentSS
Reynolds, RonnRonn Reynolds1982-1983, 1985C
Reynolds, TommieTommie Reynolds1967OF
Reynoso, ArmandoArmando Reynoso1997-1998SP
Ribant, DennisDennis Ribant1964-1966P
Richardson, GordieGordie Richardson1965-1966RP
Riggan, JerrodJerrod Riggan2000-2001RP
Ring, RoyceRoyce Ring2005-2006RP
Rivera, Luis A.Luis A. Rivera1994SS, 2B
Roach, JasonJason Roach2003SP
Roberson, KevinKevin Roberson1996RF
Roberts, Dave A.Dave A. Roberts1981P
Roberts, GrantGrant Roberts2000-2004RP
Rodriguez, RichRich Rodriguez2000RP
Rogers, KennyKenny Rogers1999SP
Rohr, LesLes Rohr1967-1969P
Rojas, MelMel Rojas1997-1998RP
Rosado, LuisLuis Rosado1977, 19801B
Rose, BrianBrian Rose2001RP
Rose, DonDon Rose1971RP
Rowe, DonDon Rowe1963RP
Rusch, GlendonGlendon Rusch1999-2001SP
Rusteck, DickDick Rusteck1966P
Ryan, NolanNolan Ryan1966, 1968-1971P
<span id="S"/>Saberhagen, BretBret Saberhagen1992-1995SP
Sadecki, RayRay Sadecki1970-1974, 1977P
Sambito, JoeJoe Sambito1985RP
Samuel, AmadoAmado Samuel1964SS, 3B
Samuel, JuanJuan Samuel1989OF
Sánchez, DuanerDuaner Sánchez2006, 2008-presentRP
Sánchez, ReyRey Sánchez2003SS
Sanders, KenKen Sanders1975-1976RP
Santana, JohanJohan Santana2008-presentSP
Santana, RafaelRafael Santana1984-1987SS
Santiago, JoséJosé Santiago2005RP
Sasser, MackeyMackey Sasser1988-1992C
Saunders, DougDoug Saunders19932B
Sauveur, RichRich Sauveur1991RP
Scarce, MacMac Scarce1975RP
Schaffer, JimmieJimmie Schaffer1965C
Schatzeder, DanDan Schatzeder1990RP
Schiraldi, CalvinCalvin Schiraldi1984-1985P
Schmelz, AlAl Schmelz1967RP
Schneck, DaveDave Schneck1972-1974OF
Schneider, BrianBrian Schneider2008-presentC
Schoeneweis, ScottScott Schoeneweis2007-presentRP
Schofield, DickDick Schofield1992SS
Schourek, PetePete Schourek1991-1993P
Schreiber, TedTed Schreiber19633B, SS
Schulze, DonDon Schulze1987SP
Scott, MikeMike Scott1979-1982P
Scutaro, MarcoMarco Scutaro2002-20032B
Searage, RayRay Searage1981RP
Seaver, TomTom Seaver1967-1977, 1983SP
Segui, DavidDavid Segui1994-19951B, OF
Sele, AaronAaron Sele2007RP
Selma, DickDick Selma1965-1968P
Seminara, FrankFrank Seminara1994RP
Seo, Jae WeongJae Weong Seo2002-2005SP
Shamsky, ArtArt Shamsky1968-1971OF, 1B
Shaw, BobBob Shaw1966-1967P
Shaw, DonDon Shaw1967-1968RP
Sherry, NormNorm Sherry1963C
Shinjo, TsuyoshiTsuyoshi Shinjo2001, 2003OF
Shipley, CraigCraig Shipley1989SS, 3B
Shirley, BartBart Shirley19672B
Short, BillBill Short1968RP
Siebert, PaulPaul Siebert1977-1978SP
Simons, DougDoug Simons1991RP
Singleton, KenKen Singleton1970-1971OF
Sisk, DougDoug Sisk1982-1987RP
Smith, Bobby GeneBobby Gene Smith1962OF
Smith, Charley W.Charley W. Smith1964-19653B, SS
Smith, Dick A.Dick A. Smith1963-1964OF, 1B
Smith, JoeJoe Smith2007-presentRP
Smith, Pete J.Pete J. Smith1994SP
Snead, EsixEsix Snead2002, 2004OF
Snider, DukeDuke Snider1963OF
Soler, AlayAlay Soler2006SP
Sosa, JorgeJorge Sosa2007-presentSP
Spahn, WarrenWarren Spahn1965SP
Spehr, TimTim Spehr1998C
Spencer, ShaneShane Spencer2004OF
Spiers, BillBill Spiers19953B, 2B
Springer, DennisDennis Springer2000SP
Springer, SteveSteve Springer19922B, 3B
Stahl, LarryLarry Stahl1967-1968OF
Staiger, RoyRoy Staiger1975-19773B
Stallard, TracyTracy Stallard1963-1964SP
Stanton, LeroyLeroy Stanton1970-1971OF
Stanton, MikeMike Stanton2003-2004RP
Staub, RustyRusty Staub1972-1975, 1981-1985OF, 1B
Stearns, JohnJohn Stearns1975-1984C
Stephenson, JohnJohn Stephenson1964-1966C
Sterling, RandyRandy Sterling1974P
Stinnett, KellyKelly Stinnett1994-1995, 2006C
Stone, GeorgeGeorge Stone1973-1975SP
Strange, PatPat Strange2002-2003RP
Strawberry, DarrylDarryl Strawberry1983-1990OF
Strickland, ScottScott Strickland2002-2003RP
Strohmayer, JohnJohn Strohmayer1973-1974RP
Strom, BrentBrent Strom1972P
Stuart, DickDick Stuart19661B
Sturdivant, TomTom Sturdivant1964RP
Sudakis, BillBill Sudakis19721B, C
Sullivan, JohnJohn Sullivan1967C
Sutherland, DarrellDarrell Sutherland1964-1966RP
Swan, CraigCraig Swan1973-1984SP
Sweet, RickRick Sweet1982PH
Swoboda, RonRon Swoboda1965-1970OF
<span id="T"/>Tabler, PatPat Tabler1990OF
Takatsu, ShingoShingo Takatsu2005RP
Tam, JeffJeff Tam1998-1999RP
Tanana, FrankFrank Tanana1993SP
Tapani, KevinKevin Tapani1989RP
Tarasco, TonyTony Tarasco2002OF, 1B
Tate, RandyRandy Tate1975SP
Tatis, FernandoFernando Tatis2008-presentPH
Tatum, JimJim Tatum19981B
Taveras, FrankFrank Taveras1979-1981SS
Taylor, Billy H.Billy H. Taylor1999RP
Taylor, ChuckChuck Taylor1972RP
Taylor, HawkHawk Taylor1964-1967C
Taylor, RonRon Taylor1967-1971RP
Taylor, SammySammy Taylor1962-1963C
Telgheder, DaveDave Telgheder1993-1995P
Templeton, GarryGarry Templeton1991SS, 1B
Terrell, WaltWalt Terrell1982-1984SP
Terry, RalphRalph Terry1966-1967RP
Teufel, TimTim Teufel1986-19912B, 1B
Theodore, GeorgeGeorge Theodore1973-1974OF, 1B
Thomas, Frank J.Frank J. Thomas1962-1964OF, 1B
Thompson, RyanRyan Thompson1992-1995OF
Thomson, JohnJohn Thomson2002SP
Thornton, LouLou Thornton1989-1990OF
Throneberry, MarvMarv Throneberry1962-19631B
Thurman, GaryGary Thurman1997OF
Tidrow, DickDick Tidrow1984RP
Tillman, RustyRusty Tillman1982OF
Toca, JorgeJorge Toca1999-20011B, LF
Todd, JacksonJackson Todd1977P
Tomberlin, AndyAndy Tomberlin1996-1997OF
Torre, JoeJoe Torre1975-19771B, 3B
Torrez, MikeMike Torrez1983-1984SP
Torve, KelvinKelvin Torve1990-19911B
Trachsel, SteveSteve Trachsel2001-2006SP
Trammell, BubbaBubba Trammell2000OF
Treviño, AlexAlex Treviño1978-1981C, 3B
Trlicek, RickyRicky Trlicek1996-1997RP
Tucker, MichaelMichael Tucker2006OF
Twitchell, WayneWayne Twitchell1979RP
Tyner, JasonJason Tyner2000OF
<span id="U"/>Urdaneta, LinoLino Urdaneta2007-presentRP
Unser, DelDel Unser1975-1976OF
<span id="V"/>Vail, MikeMike Vail1975-1977OF
Valent, EricEric Valent2004-2005OF, 1B
Valentin, JohnJohn Valentin2002IF
Valentín, JoséJosé Valentín2006-present2B
Valentine, BobbyBobby Valentine1977-1978IF
Valentine, EllisEllis Valentine1981-1982OF
Valera, JulioJulio Valera1990-1991P
Vargas, ClaudioClaudio Vargas2008-presentSP
Vargas, JasonJason Vargas2007-presentSP
Vaughn, MoMo Vaughn2002-20031B
Velandia, JorgeJorge Velandia2000-2001, 2003SS, 2B
Ventura, RobinRobin Ventura1999-20013B
Veryzer, TomTom Veryzer19822B, SS
Viña, FernandoFernando Viña1994IF
Viola, FrankFrank Viola1989-1991SP
Vitko, JoeJoe Vitko1992P
Vizcaíno, JoséJosé Vizcaíno1994-1996SS, 2B
<span id="W"/>Wagner, BillyBilly Wagner2006-presentRP
Wakefield, BillBill Wakefield1964RP
Walker, ChicoChico Walker1992-19933B, 2B, OF
Walker, PetePete Walker1995, 2001-2002RP
Walker, TylerTyler Walker2002RP
Wall, DonneDonne Wall2001RP
Wallace, DerekDerek Wallace1996RP
Walter, GeneGene Walter1987-1988RP
Washington, ClaudellClaudell Washington1980OF
Watson, AllenAllen Watson1999P
Watson, MattMatt Watson2003LF
Weathers, DavidDavid Weathers2002-2004RP
Webb, HankHank Webb1972-1976P
Weis, AlAl Weis1968-1971SS, 2B
Wendell, TurkTurk Wendell1997-2001RP
West, DavidDavid West1988-1989P
Weston, MickeyMickey Weston1993RP
Wheeler, DanDan Wheeler2003-2004RP
White, RickRick White2000-2001RP
Whitehurst, WallyWally Whitehurst1989-1992P
Wigginton, TyTy Wigginton2002-20043B
Wilkins, RickRick Wilkins1998C
Willey, CarlCarl Willey1963-1965P
Willhite, NickNick Willhite1967P
Williams, CharlieCharlie Williams1971P
Williams, DaveDave Williams2006-presentSP
Williams, GeraldGerald Williams2004-2005OF
Wilson, MookieMookie Wilson1980-1989OF
Wilson, PaulPaul Wilson1996SP
Wilson, PrestonPreston Wilson1998OF
Wilson, TomTom Wilson2004C
Wilson, VanceVance Wilson1999-2004C
Winningham, HermHerm Winningham1984OF
Wise, MattMatt Wise2008-presentRP
Woodling, GeneGene Woodling1962OF
Woodward, ChrisChris Woodward2005-20061B-OF
Wright, DavidDavid Wright2004-present3B
Wynne, BillyBilly Wynne1967RP
<span id="Y"/>Yates, TylerTyler Yates2004P
Yoshii, MasatoMasato Yoshii1998-1999SP
Young, AnthonyAnthony Young1991-1993P
Youngblood, JoelJoel Youngblood1977-1982OF, 2B
<span id="Z"/>Zachry, PatPat Zachry1977-1982SP
Zambrano, VíctorVíctor Zambrano2004-2006SP
Zeile, ToddTodd Zeile2000-2001, 20041B
Zimmer, DonDon Zimmer19623B

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